Monday, August 27, 2012

Sibling Rivalry

It can be stressful for parents when young siblings fight.  I have a three year old daughter, an almost five year old daughter and a three month old daughter.  My three year old and my four year old are really close.  They do almost everything together and they are best friends.  They get along most of the time, but sometimes they do fight.

Some of the fights they have are minor, but they can get a little intense at times.  When one has something the other one wants, especially a toy, it can be overwhelming.  Even if my husband and I buy each of them the exact same thing they still find something to fight about.  Boy is that frustrating! 

So what do you do when your young siblings fight? In my opinion, the best thing to do is separate them for a little while to give them time to calm down.  Sometimes when my three year old is tired she gets impossible to deal with.  She does not really nap anymore, but when she starts to cry for no reason I know a nap is the best thing.  If they start to fight over a toy or something, we usually take it away and redirect them to another activity and let them know that they can't have it unless they share.  I notice they get along very well when they're playing on the computer, so when they fight and don't know what to do with themselves I let them play games together on the computer. 

It's important for parents with young children to remember they have to be role models.  If parents have a conflict with each other they should try and settle it calmly and be respectful of each other.  If children see their parents yelling and slamming doors they will think that behaviour is acceptable.

I think quality family time is important.  We do a lot of things together as a family, especially on the weekend.  We've gone to Canada's Wonderland a lot this summer and last summer.  We all have season passes and it's great!  When we can't find something to do we pack some things, hop in the minivan and head to Wonderland.  Sometimes we take them to the movies and if we don't feel like going out we watch movies together at home.  Sometimes children fight for parents' attention so doing things as a family often can help lessen the conflict.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

Well, it's that time of year again.  Summer is almost over and parents are rearranging closets and drawers to make room for new school clothes they have to buy.  All the summer activities are coming to an end and it's almost time to enroll children in the fall activities.  This transition can be a little overwhelming for children, but especially stressful for parents.  There are things parents can do to make it a little easier.

Two weeks before school starts parents can start to transition their children into the back to school routine.  Put them to bed at an appropriate time and wake them up early the next morning.  Talk to children about what to expect when school starts so there's no surprises.  Spend some time of each day doing educational activities with them to get them used to doing school work.  For example, I have a four year old (she's turning five in November) and she goes to senior kindergarten in September.  She started practicing writing her name and I noticed she still needs help with her "s" so I'm going to do worksheets with her so she's prepared.

Talking to children about all their friends at school helps gets them excited about going.  Take them shopping for new clothes and shoes and have fun with it.  If they're like my daughter, they will get excited about all the new clothes and shoes they will get to wear.  If they're going to school for the first time assure them they will have fun and make new friends and that you will be back very soon to pick them up.  Of course, sometimes the first day of school is emotionally harder for the parents.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Picky Eaters

What do you do when your children are picky eaters? I have a three year old and a four year old and they are extremely picky with what they eat. Most children like hamburgers, hot dogs and chocolate milk, but mine don't. Weird huh?

My girls don't like change at all. They usually have the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day and they love "Cheerios." If I try to introduce something new they won't eat it. Ashlee (four year old) isn't that bad but Haylee (three year old) is a challenge. When she was smaller she used to eat everything, and then one day it all changed. She used to like spaghetti and now she won't touch it. I've tried giving it to her with and without pasta sauce, with margarine only and with margarine and shredded cheese but she won't eat it.  Ashlee likes it with margarine only. Haylee doesn't like potatoes but she'll eat fries. They won't eat vegetables at all so I'm really glad they eat fruit. Both of them don't like meat. The one thing I know Haylee will eat is macaroni and cheese. Ashlee likes it plain with only margarine. Both of my girls like pizza with cheese only and most of the time they peel everything off the top, but at least they eat it :)

I hope this is just a phase. Ashlee used to be worse but now there's a little more variety in her diet.  Hopefully Haylee comes around too...fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Signing

I'm doing a book signing at Coles in the Burlington Mall on Friday September 7th, 5pm to 7pm!

Radio Interview

I'm going to be interviewed on "The Authors Show" on Saturday August 25th at 10am!

Monday, August 13, 2012

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