Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sisters Fighting

How many parents out there have children that constantly fight with each other? Well, we have five children (four girls and one boy) and our three oldest girls fight over everything. Our eight year old loves to play with her six year old sister more than her three year old sister because they have more in common. They're closer in age and they like the same things. They like to play with their dolls in the room they share. They pretend the dolls are their children as they dress them up and put them to sleep. Our eight year old hates in when her three year old sister is in her room because she doesn't understand how to play like them. We always encourage her to let her three year old sister play in her room so she doesn't feel left out. If they lock her out of their room, she sits outside the door crying and then my husband and I feel bad for her because she's lonely. Then when we let her play in their room there's a lot of yelling and crying. It got worse when they received the Barbie Dreamhouse for Christmas. We decided to put it in our eight year old's room, but we told her that it was for everybody to play with. So of course our three year old wanted to be in their bedroom because she wanted to play with it too. My husband and I couldn't take the constant bickering anymore, so we moved the Barbie Dreamhouse to the basement. The fighting over playing in the bedroom continued, so we put the Barbie Dreamhouse in our three year old's room, but that didn't matter because the issue isn't the Barbie Dreamhouse. The issue is she just wants to play with her two older sisters, so the fighting continues. Oh, the joys of parenting :-)