Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Separation Anxiety in Children

It's normal for children to get upset when you try to leave them in someone else's care.  It's common during the early years for children to throw tantrums and cry when they know they are being separated from you.  Separation anxiety usually develops around the age of one.  Children this age will start clinging to mommy and daddy and will become agitated when they are separated from them.  Even if you're in the next room, children will get upset because they can't see you.  Our fifteen month old daughter doesn't like being separated from us.  Sometimes if one of us leaves the room she cries.  If we go out for a short time and leave her with somebody else she cries, even if it's a family member.  

Sometimes a new life experience can trigger separation anxiety, for example, when children start attending a new daycare.  When we go to church we put our fifteen month old in the daycare during the service and she cries.  

As a parent, you might experience mixed emotions during this time.  On one hand you're happy that your little one is attached to you and needs you.  However, you might also feel guilty when you leave them with somebody else to go to work or run an errand.  Keep in mind that these feelings are normal and it's a good idea for your children to get used to the fact that sometimes you have to leave, but you always come back.  This will help them develop a little independence and confidence in your relationship.