Tour Schedule-Frizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park

November 12th : Starter Day Party
@ I Heart Reading
November 14th: Book Excerpt
@ C.S. Dorsey’s Blog
November 16th: Book Review
@ Andi’s Kids Books
November 18th: Author Interview and Giveaway
@ I’m a Reader, Not A Writer
November 20th: Book Review
@ I Heart Reading
November 22th: Book Review
@ Bookaholic Ramblings
November 24th: Book Excerpt
@ Andi’s Kids Books
November 26th: Book Review
@ Forever Book Lover
November 27th: Book Excerpt
@ Hollow Readers
November 28th: Author Interview
@ Majanka’s Blog
November 30th: Book Review
@ I’m an Eclectic Reader
November 31st: Author Interview
@ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog
December 2nd: Book Review and Excerpt
@ K. Swederski
December 4th: Book Review and Giveaway
@ Fighting Monkey Press
December 6th: Book Review, Excerpt and Interview
@ Debbie’s Blog
December 8th: Author Interview
@ Andi’s Kids Books
December 10th: Book Excerpt
@ The Book Daily
December 12th: Book Review
@ The Single Librarian
  • October 27, 2012-book signing at Coles in the Burlington Mall, 2pm to 4pm  
  • September 7, 2012-book signing at Coles in the Burlington Mall, 5pm to 7pm
 Go to to listen to the interview

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