Mini Stories

It was a warm summer day and Frizzy Tizzy was outside in the backyard with Lizzy and Daddy.  Mommy was inside watching one of her shows while the baby slept in the chair.  Frizzy Tizzy decided she wanted to blow some bubbles. 
“Daddy, I want to do bubbles!” Frizzy Tizzy said excitedly.  “Do we have any?” 
            “I think so,” replied Daddy. 
            “I want to do bubbles too!” said Lizzy.  He got up to get some bubbles from inside the house.  He returned with two containers of bubbles.  Frizzy Tizzy had a big smile on her face.  The girls were having a great time outside blowing bubbles.  Frizzy Tizzy noticed the bubbles were coloured like rainbows in the sun.  She pointed that out to Lizzy and the two of them started to laugh.  In no time the backyard was filled with bubbles.  All of sudden Frizzy Tizzy noticed she was all out of bubbles.  She looked over at Lizzy and realized she still had some of her bubbles.  Frizzy Tizzy wanted more bubbles too. 
“Can I have some of your bubbles?” Frizzy Tizzy asked Lizzy.
            “No, they’re mine!” shouted Lizzy.  Frizzy Tizzy started to cry.
            “You hurt my feelings, Lizzy!” she shouted with her eyes full of tears. 
            “What’s going on out there?” shouted Mommy from inside the house.                   
            “Frizzy Tizzy is out of bubbles.  Do we have any more?” asked Daddy. 
            “No, but I have an idea,” said Mommy.  She went outside to get Frizzy Tizzy’s bubble container and then walked towards the kitchen.  She poured some dishwashing detergent and a little bit of water in the container and gave it a shake.  She went back outside and gave it back to Frizzy Tizzy.  “Try this.”
Frizzy Tizzy took a deep breath and blew as hard as she could. 
            “It worked!” yelled Frizzy Tizzy. 
Blowing bubbles was one of her favourite things to do.

Playing on the Computer

            After breakfast, Frizzy Tizzy wanted to play on the computer.  Lizzy wanted to play on the computer too because she loved doing things with her big sister.  “Mommy, can I please play on the computer?” asked Frizzy Tizzy.
            “Did you finish your breakfast?” asked Mommy.
            “Yes,” answered Frizzy Tizzy.  Mommy walked over to Frizzy Tizzy’s plate and noticed she drank all her milk and ate all her waffles.  She smiled and walked over to the computer and turned it on.  Frizzy Tizzy sat down in the computer chair and Lizzy followed.
            “What do you want to play?” Mommy asked the girls.  Frizzy Tizzy knew what game she wanted to play but Lizzy had something else in mind. 
            “I don’t want to play that one!” shouted Frizzy Tizzy.  She jumped out of the chair and started to cry.  Frizzy Tizzy was frustrated because she really wanted to play her game on the computer. 
            “If you two can’t play nicely on the computer I will turn it off and you can do something else,” said Mommy. 
Frizzy Tizzy didn’t want Mommy to turn off the computer, so she stopped crying and went to sit down next to Lizzy.  Then Mommy suggested they take turns playing the game they like.  Frizzy Tizzy and Lizzy liked that idea.  Lizzy smiled at Frizzy Tizzy and she smiled back and the two of them had fun together playing on the computer.  


“Mommy, can I please have a flashlight to play in the basement?” asked Frizzy Tizzy.

“I want a flashlight too,” said Lizzy. 

Frizzy Tizzy loved playing in the basement with flashlights and she was not afraid of the dark at all.  Mommy went to the kitchen to get them both a flashlight.  The girls got excited and ran downstairs.
            Mommy went upstairs to change the baby’s diaper when all of a sudden she heard the girls fighting downstairs.  She heard footsteps coming up the stairs, so she turned around and saw Frizzy Tizzy with tears running down her face, and Lizzy following after her.  “What’s wrong?” Mommy asked.
            “My flashlight is broken and Lizzy won’t share,” answered Frizzy Tizzy sadly. 
            “Let me see it,” said Mommy.  She tried to turn it on but it would not work.  “It probably just needs batteries.” 
            Mommy put the baby down in the baby chair and went into the kitchen to get some batteries.  She changed the batteries, turned the flashlight on and it worked.  “There you go,” said Mommy.  Frizzy Tizzy was really happy. 
            “You want to go back downstairs and play Lizzy?”
            “Sure!” shouted Lizzy and the two of them ran downstairs with their flashlights.
Frizzy Tizzy Visits Grandma and Grandpa
When Mommy woke up she went straight to the girls’ room to wake them up.  She gently rubbed Frizzy Tizzy’s head and whispered in her ear. “We have to get up because today we’re going to visit Grandma and Grandpa.”  Frizzy Tizzy opened her eyes and smiled. 
“We’re going to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house today?”  Frizzy Tizzy asked.
“Yes, so you and your sister have to get dressed,” Mommy answered.
“Lizzy, get up!  Today we’re going to see Grandma and Grandpa,” Frizzy Tizzy said excitedly.  Lizzy slowly started to move around and then she sat up in her bed.
“Good morning, Lizzy,” said Mommy.  She walked over and gave Lizzy a kiss on her face.
“Good morning, Mommy,” said Lizzy.  Mommy picked out clothes for the girls to wear.  Once everybody was dressed they went downstairs to eat breakfast.
After breakfast they got into the minivan to head over to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house.  When they got there, Frizzy Tizzy and Lizzy ran to the door and rang the doorbell.  Grandma and Grandpa answered the door with a big smile and gave both of them a hug.  Frizzy Tizzy and Lizzy were very happy to see them.
Grandma decided to take the girls outside in the backyard to play.  Frizzy Tizzy and Lizzy started playing ball when all of a sudden Frizzy Tizzy fell.  She started to cry so Grandma ran over to see what was wrong.  “I got a boo boo,” Frizzy Tizzy said sadly.  Grandma noticed a little scratch on her knee.  She took Frizzy Tizzy inside to see Mommy. 
“What happened?” Mommy asked Frizzy Tizzy.
“I got a boo boo and I need a band-aid,” Frizzy Tizzy answered.  Grandma went to the bathroom to get Frizzy Tizzy a band-aid but Frizzy Tizzy wanted to put it on herself.  Mommy gave her a big hug and Frizzy Tizzy felt so much better, but she didn’t want to play outside anymore.  She started to get hungry so she sat down and had a snack and Lizzy did the same.
Mommy and Daddy decided it was time to go home, but Frizzy Tizzy didn’t want to leave because they were having too much fun.  On the way, Frizzy Tizzy was sad to leave and started to cry until she eventually fell asleep.  She loved visiting Grandma and Grandpa.                                                               
Bad Dream

“Okay girls, it’s time for your bath,” said Daddy.  Frizzy Tizzy and her little sister Lizzy loved bath time.   They ran up the stairs and Daddy followed them.  After they finished their bath Mommy braided their hair and tucked them into bed. 
“I love you both very much,” said Mommy, as she kissed them on their forehead.  “Sweet dreams.”
“We love you too Mommy,” replied Frizzy Tizzy and Lizzy.  Afterwards, Daddy read them a bed time story while Mommy gave the baby a bath.
The house was really quiet because everybody was sleeping. All of a sudden, Mommy woke up to Frizzy Tizzy crying.  She ran into Frizzy Tizzy’s room and started rubbing her back. “What’s wrong Frizzy Tizzy?” Mommy asked.
“I had a bad dream,” Frizzy Tizzy answered sadly.  She was half asleep with tears in her eyes.  Mommy consoled Frizzy Tizzy until her eyes became heavy and she fell asleep. 
The next morning Mommy woke up to small feet on her back.  She rolled over and was surprised to see Frizzy Tizzy lying there.  Mommy cuddled next to her and smiled. She knew that when Frizzy Tizzy had a bad dream, there was no other place she would rather be.
The Pink Phone

As soon as Frizzy Tizzy opened her eyes, she thought to herself, “Where’s my pink phone?”  She looked under the blankets, under her bed and in the toy box but she could not find it anywhere. She went from room to room but her pink phone was nowhere to be seen.  She ran downstairs and found Mommy sitting on the couch feeding the baby. “Mommy, have you seen my pink phone? I can’t find it anywhere!”
            “No, I haven’t. Where did you last have it?”
            “I don’t remember,” Frizzy Tizzy said sadly. 
All of a sudden she heard somebody coming down the stairs.  It was her little sister Lizzy. She ran up to her and asked “Lizzy, have you seen my pink phone?” Lizzy, still half asleep, shook her head to say no.
Frizzy Tizzy ran downstairs to the basement and looked everywhere she could, but still no pink phone.  She went upstairs to lie down in her bed to think about where the pink phone could be, when all of a sudden she felt something underneath her pillow!  She lifted up the pillow and there she saw her pink phone! She shouted “Mommy I found  my pink phone!”
For the rest of the day Frizzy Tizzy didn’t let the pink phone out of her sight.

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