Monday, October 1, 2012


Some parents take away their child's naptime because they have a hard time putting them to bed at night.  I remember when I worked as an Early Childhood Educator I had a couple of parents requesting that I keep their child up during naptime because they had trouble with them a night.  The other option is to allow them to nap in the afternoon and adjust their bed time. 

 My oldest daughter is almost five years old so she does not nap anymore.  She might fall asleep once in a while but very rarely.  When she grew out of her nap she had quiet time.  I used to put her in her room for an hour with some toys or books.  Now I usually put a show or movie on for her to watch while my three year old naps.  During that time I can relax a little bit and try to get some things done while my four month old is asleep.

My three year old definitely needs her afternoon nap.  If she does not have a nap she gets very cranky and cries for everything.  She fights me on having a nap, but she always falls asleep and wakes up in a better mood.  She had the biggest melt down Friday night! OMG!  I had to stay home with her and the baby while my husband took our oldest daughter to gymnastics.  She kicked the door, screamed, cried and dumped her toys and this went on for most of the time my husband and daughter were gone.  It was clear that she was over tired.  Eventually she calmed down and fell asleep for the rest of the night.  Children who take a nap during the day will be less fussy and will sleep better at night.


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