Thursday, April 11, 2013

Four Reasons it's Important Children Learn How to Swim

Girl swimming underwater 

My husband and I started taking our girls for swimming lessons at a very young age.  In my opinion the younger they start the better, but it's never too late to learn.  My husband's parents have a pool, so we always thought it was important that they knew how to swim.  Here are four reasons it's important that children learn how to swim:

It only takes one second for a child to fall into a pool so if they know what to do it can save their life.  Obviously you should never leave your child unattended at a pool, but accidents do happen.  I feel better knowing my children know how to float on their back and are comfortable being in the water. 

Our three year old has become a lot more confident in the water.  When we first started taking her swimming she was very nervous.  Over time she became more comfortable in the water.  The more she went and the more she learned, the more confident she became.  Now she can float, jump in the water and isn't afraid to put her head under the water. 

Physical Activity
Swimming is an excellent form of exercise.  It's important for children to be active with a well-balanced diet to stay healthy.

Social Skills
Children have the opportunity to interact with other children and learn how to share, take turns and respect each other.  They also learn how to listen to the instructor and follow instructions.

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