Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pros and Cons of Bunk Beds

Empty childs bedroom

When my husband and I had our third child we put our older daughters in the same room.  We decided to put a bunk bed in that room.  Here are the pros and cons of bunk beds:

More space-our girls have more room to play with and store their toys. 

Easy sleepovers-We can put another bed in that room for our girls to have a sleepover.

More design options-I can arrange the furniture in their room in many ways because of the extra space.

Here are the cons of bunk beds:

Can be dangerous-children call fall off the top bunk resulting in a serious injury.

Making the bed-Making the top bunk is challenging.

The ladder- The younger child is supposed to sleep in the bottom bunk for safety reasons, but they get tempted and climb the ladder to the top bunk, which can be dangerous.

It's a good idea to put children six years old and up on the top bunk and make sure there are guardrails on both sides.

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