Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Benefits of French Immersion School

Girl doing homework

My husband and I have decided to put our daughters in a French Immersion school.  Our four year old starts full-time kindergarten in September, but she will go to a French Immersion school when she starts grade one.  Our oldest daughter starts grade one in a French Immersion school in September and it will be half English and half French.  

I remember when she was younger and she played with those toys that talked or played music, she always put it on French.  Every time I put it on English she always switched it back to French, so I have a feeling she will enjoy going to a French Immersion school.

We feel strongly about putting our children in a French Immersion school because knowing a second language opens more doors for career opportunities.  Learning French can help enhance creativity and problem-solving skills because they have to learn how to communicate and express themselves in another language.

We're going to do some French activities with our daughter over the summer to help her be prepared.  My father speaks fluent Creole French, so she will have that support as well.

Au revoir!

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