Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Benefits of Full Day Kindergarten

 Kinder kids

When our five year old was in kindergarten she attended full day Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other Friday.  The days she had off she wanted to be in school.  Our four year old was in daycare part-time twice a week, and she enjoyed it because she liked playing with her friends.  Our five year old will start grade one in September, but I think our four year old is going to enjoy full day kindergarten. 

Children will have the ability to increase their social skills as they interact with other children.  They will develop strong problem solving skills as they learn to resolve conflicts with other children.  They will have the opportunity to develop strong reading, writing and math skills.  Their daily routines will be more consistent and they will be more prepared for grade one.  Parents benefit from full day kindergarten because they know their children are in good care.  Working parents won't have to pay for daycare and they will be comforted knowing their children are learning in a safe environment.  Before and after school programs will be provided, but it's less expensive than daycare.

The learning will be play-based, which helps to enhance children's imagination, creativity and self-confidence.

I'm looking forward to our four year old being in full day kindergarten because I think she's ready and she'll have fun. 

How do you feel about full day kindergarten?

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