Monday, December 10, 2012

Children Believing in Santa Claus

It's the Christmas season!  The time of year when families get together to enjoy great food and conversation.  When you drive down the street and almost every house is decorated with beautiful lights.  It's a magical time of year for children.  They get to have lots of treats and watch Christmas movies with their loved ones.  Mommies and daddies tell their children the one thing they wanted for Christmas is from Santa Claus.

Every Christmas my husband and I hide all the wrapped presents and put them under the tree Christmas eve after our children have gone to bed.  Christmas morning when our children wake up they run downstairs and their faces light up when they see all the presents.  The other day my five year old came up to me and told me what she wanted from Santa Claus this year.  She drew a picture of each thing and handed it to me.  I assured her that Santa Claus would remember the things she wanted.  We were all at Walmart last week and she ran towards a specific toy and wrapped her arms around it.  She told us she really, really wanted it for Christmas.  We told her that Santa Claus would probably get that for her for Christmas.  She smiled as was very happy to hear that.  Every year we stuff stockings full of goodies for our children and they assume they're from Santa Claus.  My husband and I have a blast watching animated Christmas shows with our children.  It's nice to cuddle on the couch with them and enjoy our family time during the holidays.  In my opinion, I think children believing in Santa Claus is fun for the parents too.  Hiding the presents and seeing their reaction.

Christmas is a special time for families.  It's a time for caring and sharing.  It's the time of year when children enjoy the company of the ones they love the most.  For children, it's a time for imagination, so lets keep the spirit of Santa Claus alive.

Does your little one believe in Santa Claus?

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