Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Family Traditions

Fireplace with Christmas decoration                                                                                                
The Christmas season is a busy time of year.  The malls are packed with Christmas shoppers and the roads are busy.  Lots of people take most of their vacation at Christmas to spend time with their family.  

Every year during the holidays we drive up north to my in-laws to spend a few days and then we spend some time at my parents' house.  I usually have to pack for me and our girls, but this year we're going to my in-laws for the day on Christmas Eve and then my parents are coming to our house Christmas day, so no packing for me!  Yey!  

I really enjoy waking up in our house Christmas morning.  My husband and I make breakfast while the girls are sleeping.  When the girls wake up they run downstairs excited to open their presents.  Once all the presents are open we spend the rest of the day eating, laughing and watching Christmas specials.  Our girls love "Mickey's Christmas Carol" and my husband and I enjoy "It's a Wonderful Life."

What are your Christmas family traditions?



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