Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 Ways to Help Children Use Their Words

 Sad mixed race girl

I'm sure every parent has said "use your words" to their child.  It's important for children to learn how to deal with their feelings and that starts with language development.  If children know how to talk about their emotions they won't resort to hitting, pushing or biting.  Sometimes adults have trouble finding the words to describe how they're feeling, so can you imagine how a child feels?  It's harder for them because their vocabulary is limited, so they don't have the words to talk about their feelings.  If children understand how to discuss their feelings they will know how to deal with them.  Here's three ways to help children learn how to use their words:

1.     By modeling the behaviour.  If you use your words to describe how you're feeling they will see what they're feeling is normal.  Children watch their parents and like to do what they do.

2.     Teach them those words that describe emotions such as "mad" or "sad."  If children learn how to describe their feelings they will have more control of them.

3.     Talk to them about why it's important for them to use their words.  Explain to them that it's better to talk about their feelings so they don't end up hurting somebody else or themselves. 

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  1. Great post Wendy :) I always tell my daughter to use her words. Sometimes when she feels like she has none to express her emotions we sit down and talk about exactly what's bothering her.