Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Outdoor Activities for Children

Young Girl Playing with Snow 
Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to spend most of the time indoors.  I admit I can't stand the cold and can't wait until summer.  We do a lot of activities outside with our children during the summer and I would like our children to have fun in the winter too.  Our five year old loves the snow!  She doesn't care if it's cold, she just loves being outside.  Our three year old likes playing outside too, but she's not a fan of the cold.  Most of the time she loves doing what her big sister does.  My husband and I don't usually do anything with our children outdoors during the winter, but this year we would like to.  When we go up north to visit my in-laws during the winter it's great because there's usually lots of snow for the children to play in.  Here are some winter outdoor activities I think our children will enjoy:

  • Ice skating-my sister-in-law told me there's children's training skates.  We were thinking of taking our girls ice skating.

  • Building a snowman-this is a fun activity for children, but the snow has to be the right texture for it to work.

  • Making snow angels-I remember when I was a child I loved making angels in the snow.

  • Tobogganing-we attempted to do some tobogganing with our girls last year but there wasn't much snow and I was pregnant.  This year we might take them.  I remember tobogganing as a child and I loved it!

Can you think of anything?

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