Monday, November 25, 2013

Children Visiting the Doctor

Female doctor examining a girl

Our four year old and six year old didn't have school on Friday, so I decided to take them to the doctor for their yearly physicals.  When your children are babies and toddlers it's easy to remember to take them to the doctor because they need their immunizations at a certain schedule.  Between the ages of four and six they need an immunization, but then they're good until the age of 13.  So why is it still important to take your children to the doctor for a yearly physical after the age of six?  Well, the doctor can:
  • Check their weight and height to make sure they're growing properly
  • Check their blood pressure
  • Check their heart and lungs
  • Take a urine sample to see if any germs are present
  • Discuss healthy eating habits and exercise
  • Ensure your child's long-term health is good
  • Detect any major health problems
  • Discuss any problems with their hearing and speech
  • Discuss their dental and vision check-ups
  • If necessary, your doctor will also take a blood sample to check for things such as cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
So, it's a good idea to take your children to the doctor yearly for a physical so they can maintain a healthy life.

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