Monday, November 18, 2013

Simple Chores for Kids

Girl folding laundry

It's nice to have a little help around the house.  Most of the time it's easier for a parent to do the chore themself, but giving your children a few age appropriate chores is a good idea as it teaches them some responsibility and builds their self-confidence.

Making the Bed-This is an easy chore for children to do, but it depends on their age.  Our four year old and six year old make their own beds, but not every day.  During the week we're rushing in the morning to get ready for school, so it's faster for me to do it myself.  They get dressed on their own and brush their teeth on their own and when there's time they make their own bed.  

Setting the Table for Dinner-Our six year old has taken an interest in setting the table for dinner.  Our four year old likes to do what her big sister does, so she started setting the table too.  My husband and I set our own plates, but our children set their own plates as they're plastic.  When we're done eating dinner they clean off their plates and put them in the sink.

Vacuuming-We have laminate flooring in the living/dining room so I use the Swiffer Vac to vacuum it.  When my children see me vacuuming they want to do it too.  They have fun doing it and sometimes they fight over who can do it first.

Folding Laundry-When I'm folding laundry our six year old likes to help me.  When we're done she likes to help me put the clothes away.


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