Monday, November 26, 2012

The Tooth Fairy-Baby Teeth Falling Out

My five year old daughter has a loose tooth.  I told her when her tooth falls out she can put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy.  Instead of getting excited about the tooth fairy, she focused on the tooth falling out.  She usually says "Mommy, I don't want my tooth to fall out."  She's afraid she's going to swallow it.  I have reassured her that's not going to

Apparently, baby teeth start falling out around the age of five or six, but sometimes it can happen later.  I have talked to other mothers who said their child still hasn't lost any teeth and they're around the same age as my daughter.  Permanent teeth can start growing before the baby teeth fall out, which creates two rows of teeth.  This is what is happening to my daughter as there's a new tooth behind the loose one.  There's twenty baby teeth in total and they'll start falling out one at a time until the age of 12 or 13. 

Losing the first tooth is a big milestone for a child.  It's a sign the child is getting older and about to enter a new stage in their life.

So, I wonder what the tooth fairy will bring my daughter?

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  1. “Losing the first tooth is a big milestone for a child.”—It really is, Wendy. That’s why it’s kinda sentimental to keep their fallen teeth in some place where he/she could reminisce his/her childhood days.

    Kenneth @Avenue Dental Group